Meet The Team

Ed studied biology and photography at Swarthmore College near Philadelphia. He was trained by a wonderful

photographer - Jessica Todd Harper (


During his four years at Swarthmore, Ed experimented with photography and acquired a meticulous observational skill. Such training was invaluable for developing his unique perspective in photography.


Above all, Ed thoroughly enjoyed capturing images of people and exploring hidden narratives in daily life.    

Jia believes a photograph can convey an emotion that no words can. This is where she finds true beauty in photography.


She likes to capture her subjects in precisely curated milieus or lack thereof and explore the boundaries of familiarity within the confinement of a viewfinder. Her favorite time to shoot is on her travels with Nikon D7000.


Jia holds double Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Studio Art and Master of Architecture degree. She is currently practicing architecture in New York City.